My Cross Stitch

Hi Everyone,

Here is my cross stitch in Kathy's beautiful carved Frame.
The frame has carved gum nuts on it to continue on with the Australian Flowers Theme.

Hello Everyone,

I'm back home after being away for almost three weeks visiting our children and grand children.
It was wonderful to be able to go to the grand children's end of year presentations, graduations and concerts.

But this means I have no new cards to show, although I did manage to finish this cross stitch I have been working on for my sister in law Kathy.
Kathy has made a beautiful oval frame at her wood carving class for this to go into and its now at the framers waiting to be put in.

Another one of the crafts I really enjoy doing is counted Cross Stitch.
 I prefer doing the larger designs although I have done many small ones to put on cards.
I did this one for my youngest daughter's birthday, every time I saw the design it reminded me of her so I just had to do it.

I stitched these cats for my sister in law
 and when she and her husband built their new home she had them re-framed professionally, doesn't it make a huge difference.

I'm afraid it's very difficult to take a photograph without the light reflecting off the glass.

My very first wood carving project.

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