My Sewing

Alice in Wonderland Costume

Our 14 year old grand daughter was going to a Halloween party and wanted to go as Alice in wonderland.
She drew what she wanted her costume to look like and I did my best to make it that way.
I had no pattern to go by so used a very basic shift dress pattern and went from there, I am actually quite pleased how it turned out and really enjoyed the challenge, ( I am a self taught seamstress)

Chloe's Drawing.

Chloe wearing it, not a very good photo I'm afraid her mum took it in a hurry as they were rushing out the door.

This one was made for my Sister in law, who was taking it to America for a friend.

My sister asked me to make this outfit for her granddaughter Harmony.
Its for a two year old and made from corduroy.

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