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To make my Gift Box/Lantern you will need two A4 sheets of fairly sturdy card stock
Cut four pieces at 5¾ inches x 4 inches out of one of the sheets.

Using a ruler, draw straight lines from corner to corner on all four corners.
This helps you place your die centrally on the piece of card.

I used the Marianne Craftable Rectangle Passe-partout Die CR1242 but you could use any die or even cut your own aperture by hand. Keep two of the center cut out pieces if you want to make the tag for the box lid like mine.
Once you've cut them all out you can erase the pencil marks.

Next take two of the pieces and score the two long sides at 1/8th of an inch and only one of the short sides at 2/8th of an inch, on the other two pieces just score the short side.


From the other two pieces cut off 1/8th of an inch along the tow long sides.

Now fold all of your scored lines.

Cut fours pieces of acetate 4 ¼ x 3 ¼ inches or whatever size you window is, and using double sided tape adhere them to your windows.

Next place some narrow tape on the long sides of the two pieces with the folded sides, and adhere one of the pieces from which we cut the 1/8th of an inch strip from the sides.

Join all four sides together in this way.
and then cut off the corners of two of the bottom/base folded pieces.

From the other sheet of card stock cut a piece 3 ¾  inch square and adhere it to the bottom of your box.

For the box lid cut a piece 5 inches square and score all four sides at a ½ an inch and fold.
Cut out the little pieces for the tabs as shown and glue.

For the tag on the lid score two of the long sides of the cut out pieces you saved at 2/8th of an inch and fold inwards place a few dabs of glue on the pointed bits and glue together, when its dry add some thin tape or glue if preferred on the folds and glue to the top of your box lid.


And there is your finished box to decorate as desired.


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Tulip Instructions.

Now I'm not very good at doing tutorials but I'll give it a try and hope that you can understand them.

Here we go...........

 These are the punches I used.

You will need 6 of the small pear shapes and one each of medium Big Sky Flake and small Carl Frost Snowflake.

Cut off the pear stalks and round off the small end of the pear shape if you want.

 Place the small pears on a molding mat and give it some shaping with an embossing tool, or whatever small rounded tool you may have.

 Give it a little extra deep shaping here at the small end of the pear shape.

  Cut off some of every second arm of the Snowflake as in the photo.

 Now just give it a little bit of cupping by running your round tool around the very centre of the Snowflake.

 Now with a small drop of glue place a petal on each of the shortened arms of the Snowflake

 Then turning your tulip with the three petals glued on, over, glue the other three petals over the remaining three arms of the Snowflake shape.

 Once the glue is dry give the tulip some cupping by running your round edge tool around the center only.

Take you punched Big Sky Flake shape and give it some cupping and glue into the centre of the tulip.

Tissue paper Flower tutorial.

Here's how I made the tissue paper flower.

I then cut them with the Nellie Snellen Doily Multi frame, but you could use any die you have or just cut circles and use decorative scissors to give them a fancy edge.

Other dies I have used.


Next pierce a hole through the centre and add a brad, I added a punched big sky flake to the center.
Now we start scrunching each layer up around the brad.
Until all layers are done.
Then its time to start peeling them back down again, being very careful as the tissue paper is very delicate and tends to tear. Especially with this doily die, ask me how I know : ))
The finished flower.
I hope you were able to follow my instructions and have fun making Tissue Paper flowers.

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