Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wedding Bookatrix

 My sisters son was getting married and she asked me to make a bookatrix card for her to give to him.
I asked her if there was a colour she wanted me to use, she said red and when I asked her what colour red she sent me a photo of the flowers the bride would be carrying, so I created the bouquet to put onto the card.

I'm not very happy with the photos, my camera decided not to turn on any more, Canon replaced it, but with a different model, which I'm not happy with.

Brides bouquet.

And here it is in its box.

The Bride and Groom on a beach in April in Aus. brrrrrrr.


Gitana the Creative Diva said...

You've done a wonderful job matching the flowers on your card to the bouquet. Well done. As always, your work is a marvel.

Trish said...

Wow,amazing job Bee,i love how you have made the flowers a replica of the real ones...stunning work!

kiwiali said...

A stunning result. The flowers you have created are brilliant