Monday, May 9, 2016

Vintage Fashion Cards

I've been having a lot of fun colouring in, (with my Copics), Vintage Fashion images that I have found on the internet, most of which I got from this wonderful site.....

.......Create something today......



Donna said...

Hi Bea, love your cards, especially the first one, love those flowers, I have made them a few times and I love how they come out!!
Miss you all, but honestly I don't miss all the many emails,it would feel swamped at times, I have even opted out of a lot of my emails, even unsubscribed to the many spam that I was getting, did not think it would work, but It did, I went down to the bottom of each email and clicked on the little tiny words UNSUBSCRIBE and it worked, now I only get maybe one a day or so, and I was getting 100's.
Oh well, tell everyone I said hi, especially Angie, miss her storeies, oh well, can not type anymore arthritis in my hands is bad, we must have rain coming in the next few days!! And in case anyone asks, my health issues have not gotten better, will leave it at that.
Take care,

Anne Crofts said...

I have hundreds of dies, discovered the world of cutting dies 2 years ago, and you have been one of my inspirations: I love the way you use them and this has made me think outside of the box on how to use mine. This set are particularly wonderful.