Friday, August 19, 2011

Frangipani's and Quilting

My card today came from an idea that Angie had.
She thought it would be a good idea to cut a shape from card  ( I chose an oval but any shape will work) cut the the same shape from a piece of foam and then cover them both with a piece of fabric such as satin, then sew on some beads in  diagonal rows to give the effect of quilted paper, well the foam I had at hand was too firm and I couldn't get the beads to sit down into it, so I changed the foam to batting/wadding that you use for quilting and had a lot more success.
 I sandwiched the quilted piece between two pieces of card, cutting a scalloped oval from the top layer.
Added some little flowers I made from an egg punch, and a handmade rose.

Then I thought why not do the same thing but this time sew the diagonal lines with the sewing machine which I did on this next card, but I wish I'd left it at just one direction of rows as doing the second row tended to make the fabric pucker, or it could just have been me in my rush to try it out, any way I couldn't throw it out and had to use it on a card. Here it is with some Frangipani flowers I made quite some time ago but never found a use for.

Thank you so much for visiting today.


Nágela said...

Very beautiful!
I loved how you made ​​the flower arrangements.

Only By His Grace said...

Super job as always Baukje. Lovely idea making the quilting.
Hugs Maz

ScrappySandie said...

First time I've seen your blog! You do such lovely things! Your flowers are amazing, but I also like how you try new ideas and experiment! Beautiful cards!