Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mystery Quilt Allietare, top is finished

Allietare quilt top is finished,
 I have no idea how I am going to baste it as its quite large @ 205 cm x 245 cm and I don't have a floor space big enough to do it on, I could take it over to my daughter Kathy's house and do it there, but it's also the crawling around on the floor to do it that concerns me, I am already quite sore from basting a much smaller one yesterday, maybe I can get my two beautiful granddaughters to help me if  I get myself organised before they go back to school and university.

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Anne Crofts said...

That is a very striking design, almost Native American in colours. You certainly have an eye for putting colours together, I'm very impresssed! Whoever receives this quilt will be very happy, I'm sure.