Friday, January 8, 2016

Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt

I'm taking part in my first ever Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt, "Allietare"
Bonnie does such amazing work with scraps and is so very generous with the things she shares.
I also love how she loves her vintage machines and uses them.

I have a collection of 4 Vintage Singers, that I have managed to clean up and get back to sewing beautiful stitches.

I don't have a huge fabric stash so my scrap bins don't have a huge variety in them and I did want to try and do this mystery without having to go shopping, I found I didn't have enough of my constant grey colour early on and just hoped it wouldn't make too much of a difference in the quilt.

Clues one to three.

Clue four.

Clue 5

All the clues ready and waiting to be put together, trying desperately to find time to do that.

putting the blocks together, halfway there .

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Anne Crofts said...

That looks great, you have such patience. Will be interested to see the finished article. :)